This is reality that passengers are increasing day by day all over the world and as well as the quantity of those passengers will increase who want to get cheap flights. It is not possible that increasing demand maybe lead to the increasing in price without improving the efficiency of the airline as well as other facilities. There are many networks who can provide you cheap carriers with high facilities and can provide you best services among other air lines.

Some instructions or measurements are to be followed by all of the cheap international flight which has been made by IATA on 2001; they are change with the requirement of the time.

Some of these areas under:

1. Simplify Business Program: every carrier have to bring down the cost at that level which is suitable for the passengers with best facilities.

2. E-freight: in this they have to use the electronic paper work while use the other formal paper work because it takes too long and many of the errors and cost also more than electronic.

3. BIP: Also called the Baggage Improvement Program, in this program they have to improve the baggage facility for the passengers and reduce the passenger’s baggage at that level so not to be loss for flight.

4. Fast Travel: provide the fast travel facilities to the passenger; it does not means of cheap flight that your passengers remain in waiting list.

5. E-Services: provide the internet facility all of the staff as well as the passengers of your flights.